Is the Ace Collection mattress designed for co-sleeping/bed-sharing with children?
No, the Ace Collection is designed to be a larger and extremely comfortable version of a standard mattress. We have not undertaken specific designs or tests relating to the safety of the bed for co-sleeping/bed sharing with infants. Like any mattress, customers should consult with their doctors and review relevant medical literature, such as the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (, to determine the appropriate and safe sleeping arrangement for their child. The Ace Collection does not make any representation as to the safety of using our mattress for co-sleeping/bed sharing with children.

Do you have a showroom where your mattresses and headboards can be seen?
Grande Maison de Blanc, the linen store in Beverly Hills that has displayed the Ace Size Bed has recently moved to West Hollywood. Their new address is: 8923 Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90048.  Unfortunately, the Ace Size Bed was too big to display at the new location. But our Ace Collection Mattresses (Soft, Medium, Firm, Ace of Diamond) and Headboards are displayed in queen size. This allows interested customers the opportunity to test out all our mattresses and view the headboard options in person until we find a new location.

What is the cost for domestic shipping in the US?
We now offer free room of choice delivery for all orders that are within the Continental United States! With that said, there are certain restrictions with this offer:

1) Delivery location more than 40 miles outside of most major cities in the US

2) House with stairs (extra man power)

3) Mattress removal

4) Assistance moving furniture

Additionally, we do offer White Glove Delivery. This may or may not be an extra charge, depending on the above mentioned restrictions. At the time of your purchase, we will assess your options and email you a quote for White Glove if it is possible.

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, we do. Please request a shipping quote from Please provide us with your full address and with the list of items you're interested in purchasing.

Do you offer financing or payment plans?
We offer the option to purchase through Affirm. Once payment has been received in full, your order is completed in full on our backend through our product fulfillment team. (Affirm Lending Disclosure)

What is your return policy?
We are accepting mattress returns within the first 21 days of delivery. Mattress returns and exchanges will incur a 35% handling fee. Please see our Refund Policy page for more information.

Will your bed be able to fit through my doorway?     
The mattresses are 80” high to fit through a standard (USA) 6’8” high door. Prior to ordering, we recommend that you please be sure to measure your doors/staircase to make sure they are at least a standard 6’8” doorway and also ensure that you are able to navigate the mattress to desired room location.

How are your mattresses constructed?
Our mattresses are constructed with individually wrapped pocket coils and 2” foam with specified density (firm, regular, soft). The mattress is then wrapped in bamboo fabric. The mattress is 12” – 13” thick. They do have a fire-retardant agent.  

They come in three different comfort levels; soft, medium and firm. Typically, in the mattress world, the guideline is the taller and heavier you are, the firmer the mattress. If you are unsure of which firmness to purchase, we suggest ordering a medium firmness. If the mattress ordered ended up being too soft or hard, we sell soft and firm foam toppers to adjust the comfort level.

You can find customer reviews on The Ace Collection® Facebook page, under reviews.

Can you create a custom size bed for me?
We are happy to discuss any custom ideas you may have!

Do you have a print catalog or mailer?
We do not have a print catalog at this time.

Where can I find customer reviews of the mattresses?
You can find customer reviews on many of our mattresses on The Ace Collection® Facebook page, under reviews as well as Google.

Are there other bedding and headboard options available for each of the bed styles?
Please contact us at for custom bedding and headboard options.

Thank you for your interest in The Ace Collection®! Check back often for updates and information!